Monday, 23 January 2012

Liebster Blog Award

My blog has very kindly been given a Liebster Blog award by two other bloggers, Carla at Ducking Fabulous and Jules over at The Awkward Niche, thank you so much both! To accept the award it's suggested that you link to five blogs which you love inspire you. There are plenty of blogs I love, it was very hard to choose just five, but here they are :)

1. Aileen Clarke Crafts Aileen makes gorgeous felt jewellery, boxes and landscapes amongst other things, everytime I read her blog I find myself wanting to do more felting!

2. Helen Hallows creates beautiful landscapes with paper and stitch.

3. Amanda at Mangle Prints produces wonderful prints using a mangle.

4. Helen at This Crafting Life makes a variety of work including some lovely textile work, and is currently making some interesting work involving printing on glass.

5. Another felty blog, the Rainbow Room sells lovely felting supplies and makes lots of colourful felty things, ideal for brightening up a grey day!

Thank you again Carla and Jules!

Friday, 6 January 2012

New Paper Horse

Another addition to the little herd of paper horses. I used a slightly different technique with this one, punching the holes for the paper fasteners with a small hole punch instead of cutting them as I had before, so he seems to be a bit more articulated. I also used some tiny fasteners,  I was finding it a bit fiddly trimming the ends off the larger ones so I went in search of some smaller ones and found these, they're actually brads for card making but they seem to work fairly well, though do need to be squeezed a bit tighter for the horse to hold his position if he's being displayed in any way other than lying down.

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